Thursday, September 30, 2021

Artist Date 3 - Westside Mall

 As part of my Artist Dates I decided to walk through a mall and chose Westside at Somajiguda to spend a couple of hours and perhaps pick up a few things. It was one of those days when the Met department had predicted heavy rains so the roads were empty and I had a quick and easy drive. Even Westside was empty so I had a good time browsing through.

I picked up a few T shirts and then went up to Landmark to browse through its sadly diminishing book collection. I picked up a book. I took my own time going through and realised I could have spent more time if I wanted. There once used to be a small cafe in Westside and I loved drinking coffee and eating samosas at the Westside at Abids and Landmark always had bean bags etc to read books. But now all those frills are gone and its strictly business.

Had a good time overall. Forgot to take pics though.     

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