Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Artist Date 2 - Me and my Artist go to Beauty Green

 So for my second artist date me and my artist, a rather quiet and withdrawn chap I realised, who easily takes the backseat when any other thought comes in, headed off to the Beauty Green Resort in Shamshabad which is managed by my friend Koni. It's a quit place and has a lot of space and almost no people around so I decided to head there. Another reason was that the drive itself is an hour long so I could spend time listening to my favorite music.


So off we went at 430 or so and got stuck in traffic but since we were in no hurry it didn't bother me much. I went straight to the resort listening to Pink Floyd, ACDC, Deep Purple and some Golden Oldies like Yummy Yummy, Boxer, Mrs Robinson and so on. While going there I stopped to pick up some rice and some biscuits for the couple who adopted Sona and Zor. At the resort I parked the car and then took off.

Off the beaten track

I wanted to walk around the resort but then my artist was game for a jog and we jogged along on those empty roads to the main gate, then to the by roads, all the way to the other gate and then back. It took a good 40 minutes and though I could have stretched it I felt it was good. I went and sat by the pool and enjoyed half an hour of peace and tranquility. 
A nice cottage in this plot

I ate the butta I carried with me. Sometime around that time Koni arrived. The drive and the jog together with the last half hour gave me a good two and a half hours with myself.Maybe I felt I could have done without the music but that's ok. I had packed for the night in case I felt like staying back but a noisy lot came by and I decided to return.
Another small one in this plot

My insights were interesting. First and foremost, that I do not give my artist much time and thought. I frequently saw myself putting others ahead and thinking of stuff like that and realised I needed to pull it back and focus on the artist who was disappearing very quickly into the background. 

The artist decided to click this

And when I put my focus on him I found him quite interesting, suggesting ideas like sitting by the pool, taking my shoes off and walking on the lawns bare foot, staying back until I felt I needed to go instead of going because I am bound by time.

Catching the twilight time with my artist

Koni and I had a nice quiet discussion listening to some fine old music by Def Leppard, Kool and the Gang and so on and then I ate a nice hot meal and returned - a nice, slow drive with my artist. I have to name him now. I'll wait - it will come to me.

Clearly I am enjoying meeting him and spending time with him. And I like listening to those gentle ideas that pop in when I am with him. (Or is it a her?)          

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