Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thought for the Day - There's a Beauty In Your Breathing that Makes Life Easy

 Breath - the sign that we are alive. Another thing I heard was that breathing was the connection between mind and the body. And then we realise that there's more than the mind and the body - there's spirit. And then, this spirit reaches out to the universal spirit outside.

The breath seems to be the connecting factor here. It's not just some involuntary thing that keeps us alive. It's bigger than that.

When I go jogging (at my own small pace) I feel that I need to focus on something. AT times I try to count the steps and occupy my mind so it doesn't play tricks and tire me out. I use other tricks like focusing on some physical part - which is another way to distract the mind.

Until I found the other day that I could probably use my breath to control the whole system. My body, mind, spirit - find that balance when they are in sync. The only place that one can do that is with the breath I thought. So I started focusing on my breath and let my breath decide what's the right pace for me, what pace makes me happy, and voila, I stopped thinking about all these other thoughts. I just need to ask my breath to lead and tell me what makes me happy and it does that - this pace, this distance - and then we feel the awareness of the breath going and we come back and it guides us again.

I feel that I can ask my breath what I need to do to make me happy now and it will guide me, or what I need to do right now to make the right decision and it will guide me. At times I breath in good stuff and breath out stuff I don't want.

I am having fun with my focus on my breath. I would like to make it more and more conscious until it becomes subconscious and I am always aware of my breath.

Sounds like the present to me.           

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