Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thought for the Day - When You're Defensive, You're Not Owning Your Life Fully

 We discussed how owning your decision, your actions, is the way to feel confident and to move decisively on the right path. How do we know we are owning our action or not?

The key is this - if we are defending ourselves, justifying ourselves or explaining ourselves, we are not owning our actions. When we own our actions - we find no need to defend, justify or explain. We find no need to blame others or to make them see our point of view. We know why we did what we did and we are fine with it - there's no good or bad.

If there's an iota of wanting to justify, explain or defend, look at yourself. Ask yourself - what are you not owning? (And when you don't own you have lost the plot, you have no conviction.)     

The first filter to know whether you are owning anything is this - are you defensive? If you are, look again and see where you are not fully owning your actions.

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