Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A Small MCC Reunion

 Chandra was in town so we planned an MCC reunion - a small one. Ram, Ranjan and I went and picked up Chandra at Hotel Minerva in Secunderabad and drove to the MLJ Cricket Academy where we knocked around a few balls. Bhupinder helped us and we all enjoyed playing around for an hour.

Pavan, Suri, Ranjan, Me, Chandra and Ram

At 7, Pavan, Subbu and Suri landed up and we all went to Yatri Nivas for dinner and drinks. Old games were recalled and many fun memories from almost 25 years ago were relived. In 1994 we won the League championship and we repeated the same in 1997. Those were fun days and like I say, the feeling of having accomplished something together is something else.

Six of us in the above pic are here - spot them!

As always we planned a bigger get together. I am hoping we do it soon.   

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