Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Thought for the Day - We Don't Own Anything, We're Only Temporary Keepers

The feeling that we own or must own things is a source of great discomfort. Owning is to take responsibility, to protect, to fight for. Many times we don't even know why we own, why we are protecting and why we are fighting. It diminishes the quality of our love towards that object or person. Ownership comes with the feeling of possession, of control. Of carelessness and neglect as well. I feel it is a slightly violent feeling.

I don't own this!

On the other hand, if we were to look at things, people, feelings even as stuff that we are only temporary keepers of, then it would b easy to handle them with love.

A lot of money comes to us and we get stressed wondering what to do with it, how to handle it. If on the other hand we look at it like something that is flowing through, and while flowing through comes to us, we can treat it with some amount of detachment, with compassion, with love even. A wonderful relationship comes your way and instead of getting stressed about forever ownership, a thought that we are but temporary keepers will help us deal with it with love. So with feelings, with material things. So with our body. There is a change in our energy towards things once we realise this.

We are only responsible for this moment. For the moment that comes and goes. Our job is to welcome the moment with full attention, pay it complete attention and to bid good bye as it goes with love and good wishes. No attachment, no ownership. Complete freedom.

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