Saturday, September 5, 2020

Happy Teacher's Day

 It's become a tradition now. I call my old teachers - Brother Joseph, Baig sir, Prof Shamraj, U Balaji (messaged him), Venkat Reddy sir and it is wonderful to hear their voices. Our entire Osmania team wished our coach Arjuman Rao sir and he was very happy. Bro Joseph wished me in return reminding me that I was a teacher as well.

With deep appreciation and gratitude to the gurus! (Pic SN)

Many are the teachers I remember today. LT Ramasarma, my first teacher in the UKG days. I'll never forget his blue eyes, his conviction, his simplicity. Sister Mercy in Nellore who was kind and would take special care of me - when I left she gave me a sticker. Sister Mercy again in Warangal, Fatima Girls Schoel, gentle and kind. Bro TM Joseph. Richard sir, the dashing Anglo-Indian who taught us English at St Gabriel's High School, Kazipet, and Bro Vincent our Principal. There was this one Telugu teacher who taught us parttime and I had a crush on her too and I was heartbroken when I answered a question wrong.

At All Saints High School - Martina teacher, Shashikala, Rafat Muneer, Dhruvaraj, Sastry sir who taught us English and urged me to write, Mrs Luthra who gave me a book of quotes from Dada Vaswani after she found that she had punished me wrongly, a cherished possession, Jugta Ahulwalia, Dixit sir, Ghouse Moinuddin, Ramesh, Bro Thomas, Bro KM Joseph, who is still on my shortlist, Bro Vincent, Bro Celestine, Naidu sir and others.

During my Intermediate, there were Aruna ma'am, Roop Kumar., Krishna Prasad, Joshua, our flamboyant English sir, Tiwari sir who taught us Hindi and who cried inconsolably on our last day. Not to forget Emmanuel our founder and Principal who was convinced I will never clear the exams.

At Engineering College I had Prof Shamraj, Prof Murlikrishna, Venkat Reddy, Faquir Mohammed sir, Ramesh Reddy, Bahauddin and others. At the MBA College Prof Goverdhan Reddy, Madhusudhan Reddy, Maruthi Ram, CSS, Balaji, BTV, Hanumantha Rao and Narendranath Menon, who made an impression on me.

Many more of course.

Today I was happy to receive messages from - Kirti Singh, Sravan, Mahesh Kumar, Namratha Thakur, Madhavi, Om. Anuradha, Paawan, Sloka, Abhinay, Murli, Preneeja Sruthy, Prashant Nayak, Vijay, Kavitha Kulkarni, E Chandrasekharan, Bhupinder, Abhishek. It was wonderful to have friends chip in and say they have also learned a few things from me.  


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