Saturday, September 12, 2020

Anjali - Anjali Finally Reads 'The Men Within'

 And finally, after reading hundreds of books, Anjali picked up 'The Men Within' to read and she did appear to like it. One day one, she said 'Nanna, you're an awesome writer' and I was pretty thrilled with that. She's a quick reader and pretty soon she was at the end of the book - and that's where she is suddenly parked. I can't wait for her to finish reading but she is taking her own time with the last 30 pages - the climax - the part where the action really hots up.

Anyway, I am glad she got this far and seems to have a favourable impression so far. I am hoping she might give me some kind of a review after she reads it.

Interestingly they are both of the same vintage - 2007. TMW  was born in March 2007 and Anjali in October 2007!


Narayana Pillai said...

Happy to tell you that I have ordered this book. I will be writing a review soon sir!!!

Harimohan said...

Wow. That's very generous and kind of you Narayana. I hope you enjoy reading the book. Looking froward fro your review.