Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thought for the Day - General Principles to Follow


Pic Satish Nargundkar

·         Everything that happened and is happening is for our own highest good. Even if we cannot see it as it happens now. Believe in this.

·         We have the intelligence to find solutions within us, by seeking help. There are always answers to everything. we just have to ask the right questions and look for results – not excuses.

·         We are always learning lessons. If we learn the lesson we move forward, else we repeat the lesson until we learn.

·         The outer world reflects our inner world. What we see outside, reflects what’s inside. To change the outer world we must change our inner world – our thoughts, feelings, energy. When things go wrong look within, take responsibility.

·         What we focus on grows. If we focus on what we have, what we have grows. If we focus on what we ‘don’t have’, what we ‘don’t have’ grows.

·         What we give, we get.

·         We can always change things starting now. The present moment is the moment of power.

·         Focus on what you can control and do your best within that. Don’t worry about what you cannot control.

·         Mind set – Learning Mindset takes the pressure off to prove and instead, learn. Everything can be learned.

·         Being secure as a person opens you up to learning, asking questions, growing and enjoying the journey. To be secure, be ok with what you know and what you don’t know. An insecure Person is insecure about things he is trying to hide, about being found out, about losing something he does not have. A secure person has nothing to hide, ready to learn what he doesn’t know, and is not afraid of losing.

·         You are the creator of your destiny, the source. No one else. Take back that power. All creation starts with that thought.

·         It is all about energy. Change energy on the inside with gratitude and forgiveness and the things on the outside change miraculously. The frequency of your energy attracts like energy from others.

·         Never believe anything that does not empower you.

·         Go with your vision of reality – hold on to that vision and believe in it.

·         Your growth comes through questions, not answers. Question s grow, answers stagnate. Stay in the “question”, and it opens up tremendous potential for growth.

·         You are limited by your capacity to receive – money, happiness etc so if you want more, work on increasing your capacity to receive. Use your imagination.

·         You only get what you are ready for. So when things come up don’t doubt your ability.

·         We all have mentally fixed upper limits - Upper Limit Problem (ULP). When we reach our own pre-set limit we sometimes self-sabotage. Be aware and gently push past the ceiling.

·         You are unique and you bring a unique perspective and value to the world. Most of the people struggle with the idea – “Maybe we are not good enough”. Believe you are unique.

·         Accept yourself as you are – good and bad - fully. You, as a whole. The moment you accept all parts of you as you are, no one can touch you. And, there are no good and bad. They are only our judgments.

·         Stockdale paradox –Never confuse “faith that you will prevail in the end” – which you can never afford to lose – with the “discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality”.

·         Judgment is the filter through which life flows through you. Keep the filter clean and life flows easily.

·         Focus on flow – giving and receiving – keep the flow going. Do not be stagnant. Do not let things stagnate.

·         Be open to all possibilities. Be willing to accept. Let go and surrender to something bigger.

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