Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thought for the Day - Productivity Principles

 Productivity Principles

Productivity/ Efficiency / Time management

·         Do what is important first. First things first. Recognise the distinction between Important vs Urgent.

·         Always finish on a high. Never leave anything on a low.

·         Follow the four agreements for an easier life – 1) Never make assumptions. 2) Always give your best. 3) Be impeccable with your word. 4) Don’t take anything personally.

·         Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Give and receive feedback. Feedback should have a positive impact, for the good of the person. If it’s disruptive, it is as good as not giving it.

·         If the results are not what you want, look at the process.

·         Beginning and the ending of anything has to be good for it to leave a lasting impression on the audience / reader.

·         If you do not get something after putting in your best efforts, then there is probably something bigger that is destined and waiting to happen.

·         If something did not turn out as expected, don’t shut it out. Question - ‘what else is possible?’

·         The trophy is in the lion’s den. In order to own it, you need to go into the den and take it. It won’t come by waiting.

·         As long as outside factors are controlling you, you will feel helpless. Once you move this to within, you will have more control and feel that you are the driver of your destiny. It’s never about others, the power is always with you.

·         Do not fear a loss. The chances of winning come down when you play not to lose due to the element of fear. Once you turn this around and play to win, the chances of success increase exponentially.

·         Life is full of paradoxes – Give money to earn money – To gain control, let go.

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