Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thought for the Day - People Principles

 People Principles 

·         When dealing with others, keep them and their needs in focus. Understand them and where they are coming from. Deal with them and their highest good, even if it's painful..

·         The key to people management is energy management.

·         You cannot change people. You can only change yourself. (To change equations with people, change your energy through gratitude and forgiveness.)

·         Always separate the action from the person

·         People are good and well-intentioned. If we have bad experiences, it is because we have lessons to learn from them. So instead of getting angry with people and experiences, learn, thank them for teaching you. You are only angry with people who help you.

·         Understand that people are not perfect; we all have limitations. We are all trying our best.

·         In all relationships, drop “judgment”. Approach with an open mind. Stop feeling like a “victim”. Think like a “leader”.

·         You come first, take care of yourself first. And then take care of others. Don’t make your story about them or their story about you, or you will mess both stories. Balance commitment to others by doing self-care as well. Treat yourself as the first one in the line.

·         While mentoring, coaching and parenting - use tough love – be compassionate with your ward’s dreams and be tough on their practices and routines.

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