Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lessons I Learned From Others 11 - A P Srinivas and 'The Power to Kill an Ant'

 I was talking to AP about his views on money. While telling me many concepts about money and how he views it, AP told me something that made a lot of sense and radically altered how I viewed money.

'Money to me,' said AP.  'Is the power to kill an ant.'

I was flummoxed. 'What is the power to kill an ant?' I asked.

'When do you kill an ant?' asked AP patiently. 

'When it bites me,' I said. 'Or bothers me.'

'Yes,' said AP. 'Money is like that. I don't see any need to immediately go and splurge the money I have by buying luxurious houses, expensive cars and such. It lies in its place and I leave it like that - just as an ant does. But when some desire overcomes me, like I wish to travel or by something, I have it at my disposal.'

It was very freeing to hear this perspective because I have this compulsive urge to get rid of money as soon as I have some excess. Upon deeper thought, I always felt that I was uncomfortable with the idea of money sitting idle and that I ought to do something with it. But this is so freeing that you could have tons and still live normally and only when you feel the need, you use it.

It really took a lot of pressure of me, this lesson, The discomfort of receiving and holding money is gone - which is a huge thing. Thanks AP.

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