Monday, September 21, 2020

Canteen Fundas - Handling Difficult Relationships with Energy Management

 Difficult relationships? Change your energy, change the relationship.

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'Bhaiyya, we attended a webinar today,’ said Rinku. ‘Relationship expert Neelima Krishna spoke about managing difficult relationships.’

‘She said we’re all energetically connected,’ said Rahul. ‘Which means we can change the quality of our relationships by changing the quality of our energy. It’s like tuning into different radio channels and getting different music.’

‘Really?’ asked Rakesh. ‘How?’

‘She gave an example of a young cricketer who had a difficult relationship with his coach,’ said Rinku. ‘Despite his best efforts, he’d find fault with him. The boy wanted to give up.’

‘We all have difficult relationships like that with bosses and friends,’ said Rakesh. ‘Hopeless case. Best to change the coach.’

‘Ma’am said that if we change our coach but not our energy, we’ll have the same problems with the new coach,’ said Rahul. ‘It’s like changing the radio but tuning into the same channel.’

‘Then?’ asked Rakesh.

‘In fact, she said we cannot change anyone,’ said Rahul. ‘The only person we can change is ourselves. We vibrate on energy frequencies ranging from shame and guilt right up to peace, love and joy. So, instead of blaming others, we need to first look at the thoughts we’re entertaining and transmitting to others.’

‘In this case I’d feel victimised, angry and frustrated with the coach,’ said Rakesh. ‘And at some point, give up.’

‘Absolutely, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘By staying with low vibration thoughts, we stay stuck. For example, if our thoughts are tuned into a frequency that says ‘I don’t trust these people’, they’ll receive it at the same energy frequency and they’ll repeat the same behavioural pattern. And we think, ‘See, I can’t trust them’. The relationship gets stuck and deteriorates. We only hurt ourselves.’

‘Oh,’ said Rakesh. ‘How then?’

‘Change the channel, bhaiyya,’ laughed Rinku. ‘To change our energy, we need to tune into thoughts with higher vibration such as love, gratitude and forgiveness. The simplest way is to focus on whatever’s good in the relationship, however small, and be grateful for whatever the coach has taught you. When we do that, our energy changes from being angry to being grateful. We transmit a higher vibe energy and break the pattern.’

‘Wow!’ said Rakesh. ‘So, we tune out of bad frequencies and tune into better frequencies. And, the best part is, we’re doing it for our good. Not for anyone else.’

‘Yes, bhaiyya,’ said Rinku. ‘In this case, ma’am said that the coach’s behaviour may change or the boy may find a better coach. Either way, his experience changes for the better.’

‘Thanks, dudes,’ said Rakesh. ‘I feel a strong vibe for coffee now.’

Pro Tip: To change the energy in a relationship, change your energy first. Gratitude, love and forgiveness are powerful tools that can change your relationships and your experiences.

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Abhinay Renny said...

I loved the radio analogy, sir. Easily understandable. Time to change the channel and tune up to love, gratitude and forgiveness.