Saturday, September 26, 2020

Anjali - A Wonderful Team Person to Have

 The other day I was doing a Zoom session with a company. I had some issues with video sharing and was not getting it right. When I ran out of ideas I had to resort to Anjali's expertise and she helped me out. Not once or twice but three of four times.

She'd come instantly and help me calmly despite my hassled state. And then she would tell me not to panic or worry. After one such small crisis, I realised she had not left the room and was watching me continue the class. She looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. After I got into the flow of the class she came and gave me a high five and whispered 'Good Nanna,' you're doing great.'

Even after I finished the program and was wondering if it went well, she came up and gave me another high five. 'Well done Nanna. Good job.'

You need people like that on your team. Those who support and encourage you wholeheartedly whatever happens. It makes the experience bearable, better. 

Thanks Anjali. Big help. 

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