Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Thoughtful Gesture by Srikanth

A few days ago I received a message followed by a call from my friend Srikanth. Though we didn't study together or play together or grew up together, spaces where our bonds seem to be strongest, Srikanth and I met through some common friends and developed a healthy respect for one another. He did well in his career, went to the US, come back and set up his own company. He and his wife are avid readers and they always read and give me feedback on my books, always encouraging. A few times he nominated his colleagues to attend my training programs or invited me for a talk at his office. Once in a while, he reaches out to me to discuss some issue - cricket-related, his people related or even philosophical discussions. He's always fun to talk to.

Pic Satish Nargundkar

Over time I understood that he is a very generous person who believes in helping another human unconditionally. He runs his office also in that same manner - coaching and mentoring his colleagues, showing them tough love and getting them to reach their potential. The way he organised a surprise party for a common friend after he produced and directed his first movie showed how much he cared for his friends.

So I called back, and he called me back and we spoke about this and that. Somehow the conversation turned to people and support systems and I told him how, most times, it's just the feeling that we are supported, that someone is there for us, that is enough. He then said he wanted to share why he really called me.

He said that he suddenly thought of me the other day and wondered how I was doing. 'I knew that without schools and colleges and training programs you might be having a tough time. How are you doing? Are you oka financially?' I was really touched. Thankfully I am financially good. But how many of us even ask those around us - forget those in distress, even those who are doing well, how they are? To think of me and my ways and to think I may even need some help was simply wonderful. I felt that I moved one step higher in my growth as a person that a friend thought of me and called me out of concern.

And then he went a step further and said 'If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here.' 

I was very moved by the experience and started messaging my friends to ask the same question. How are you doing? Do you need any help? How beautiful if all of us did that.

Thanks Srikanth.

That said, I also received a call from Junie aunty the other day and she sounded relieved when she heard my voice. 'You sound good. I had this dream about you last night. So I called to check if everything was all right.' Thanks aunty and thank you world, for having my back.

I got yours too, world. I'm asking everyone I know how they are doing?

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