Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Abhinay's Lovely Share - Something for Keeps

 Yesterday was a rather rough day and I was slightly disturbed going into bed when I saw this message from Abhinay. Reading it cleared a lot of the negative thoughts running in my head and I felt so nice reading it. It's a collection of his blogs he wrote about ur interactions over the years. I've read a few and haven't read many.

In his blog he calls me Harry, which is what my mentor ML Jaisimha used to call me. And so did Rajan Bala, Vivek Jaisimha, Ehtesham, D Suresh, CV Anand and a host of other cricketing friends. 

I met Abhinay when I was invited by him to launch his book while he was still studying in VNR VJIET and ever since we have remained in touch. This is something I will return to, when I feel I need to feel good. Thanks Abhinay.



Rajendra said...

and Shobha is Sally? :)

Harimohan said...

Haha...for a moment I wondered if some Sally was mentioned. Kya hai miya? Pareshan karre.