Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Thought for the Day - Love is the Key to Trust

If trust is the key to flow, love is the key to trust. It may sound paradoxical that we should first love to trust but that's the truth. And when we cannot trust, we cannot love others, its time to point the finger back at ourselves and say - hey where do I not love myself.

Then the story unravels. It is not about them. You always had a shortfall of love. You didn't love yourself enough and you project it on to others and hate the. Actually, when you don't love them or hate them, you're only hating yourself.

So the moment, you find yourself lacking trust, lacking love for the others, look within and be loving to yourself. Fill yourself with love and all will be well outside again.

Wow! It took me twenty years to realise that. Thanks Shobhs. Thanks Colin Tipping.

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