Friday, March 8, 2019

World in Harmony - Dalai Lama

Tenzin gifted me this slim book full of wisdom. It has short chapters each leading up to the big story - of a world in harmony.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama emphasises on the need for compassion - always. He urges us to make future generations more compassionate. I think they are. He says that we are secure when we are compassionate. We are responsible at all levels and have an altruistic mind for all things - including the environment.

He says that the purpose of our life is to find happiness, satisfaction and joy. To find compassion within ourselves we need to watch our internal thoughts. Smile he says, be joyful. In the chapter on hope and despair, he says there is authentic hope and false hope and one must distinguish between the two. Authentic hope comes with action. In fact, he says action is more powerful than prayer.

As for despair he says, don't avoid it. Go deep into it. Look at the positive. All sentient beings are equal - we have to live together.

Be aware of your feelings he says. Empty yourself. Emptiness is the absence of independent existence. we are all dependent on one another.

He says anger is suffering that has not yet met compassion. Anger destroys judgment. Anger comes from fear.

Love and accept your limitations. A healthy person he says serves others. Dedicate life to benefit others.

Usually, we must speak the truth he says. But in some cases, the truth may have disastrous consequences. Where truth would injure and does not benefit, he says, better be silent for the time being. Real compassion comes from seeing the others suffering. 

When you are suffering try to deal with the cause of suffering. If you cannot then forget about it. Practice compassion. For this practice, our enemies are very useful to us. By feeling compassion we can transform. 

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