Thursday, March 21, 2019

Anjali - Exam Time

Exams are on. Anjali is preparing hard. She sets herself some goals all on her own and prepares pretty seriously. Waking up earlier than normal, spending time with her books before she gifts herself some TV, asking me or Shobhs to ask her questions, answering till her throat goes hoarse, she pushes herself.

The other day we were chatting before she went to sleep and she confessed that when she came back from school and studied and nothing was 'going in' she got upset. I know that feeling. We try hard, but in our effort sometimes it just does not happen. I told her to ease up on herself a bit. Even the exam I said, she should write with love. Not as something to conquer but something she loves.

I don't know what she understood.

But the next day she came back beaming from the exam and told me 'I did what you told me Nanna. I wrote the exam with love.'

I felt happy. I don't know what it meant to her but I feel it's what I meant. It does knock all tension of competition out. It just becomes you and the exam and a nice gentle, space where there is nothing wrong. Where mistakes are ok. Where we are doing the best we can and are helping one another find the answers.

With love then.

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