Friday, March 15, 2019

Anjali - I Like That You Listen

I was listening to an animated and emotional description of some misunderstanding at school. It clearly looked like the other person was at fault and it was clear that Anjali felt that way too. I listened, unsure if I should say anything. I chose not to.

Anjali cooled off after a while.
'I am glad you just listened and did not offer me any suggestions or said something about the other person to make me feel better. While talking to you I could see her point of view and most of my upset is now gone. But if you had said something about her or against her, I would not have thought about it like I did now. Maybe because you said something about it or her, I would still be angry with that person. Thanks for listening, Nanna. Without saying anything.'

I totally get that. When we step in with our solutions and opinions we do not allow them the space to look at it and figure it out.

Good one Anjali.

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