Saturday, March 16, 2019

Rashtrayana - Appupen

In Appupen's universe of Halahala, a superhero appears. His name is Rashtraman and he goes with of 'Hero of Halahala.' Rashtraman is definitely going to save the Rashtria. He has a sidey - Cowboy - who is half cow and half man.

There is trouble in Rashtria with the queen being kidnapped by an evil KGD - King God Demon of Paradesh. Cowboy who is keen to get into the limelight, seeks permission to reccee and find out about the queen's whereabouts. Cowboy however is lured away by grass - a mean trick. Cowboy gets captured but he sets fire to Paradesh with his tail. (So what's your tail?) Which means Rashtraman has to join the fight. Propagandhi suggests a cricket match to support his propaganda. There are Gauraakshas and other such characters. After a lot of interesting twists and turns to save Rashtria, the heroes return, having fought illusions.

Rashtrayana is a graphic novel. Superb artwork again. The satire and wit are sharp and irreverent. Brilliant stuff. Appupen, this is valuable work, keep at it. I love it, all those layered jokes.

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