Friday, March 8, 2019

Chanakya in the Classroom - Radhakrishnan Pillai

I was buying books at the Bangalore Lit Fest and was looking for children's books. I saw this and remembered that Radhakrishnan Pillai was in the author's lounge with me. So I quickly bought it and took his sign for Anjali. Read it at the airport.

It's a loosely told story about two students who become successful in life. They reveal the secret - they followed Chanakya's rules for success. They tell how it is important to pray for the teacher and fellow students, how to know about right thinking. I liked the line - don't worry about your studies - think about them. Thinking involves logical, scientific, reasoning, strategic and critical thinking. Of course if you know about Aanvishakti, you will never know failure.

Chanaya advises the students to manage their time well - it's the key to success. He urges them to sleep less. Daily study is best - it works for everything. Make good routines and follow them. Prepare short term and long term time tables.

Listen to teachers and discuss with seniors. Improve self-study which is the best form of studying - reflection and repetition are the keys.  Learn to use self-discipline and self-restraint and increase your focus and concentration.

Be a learner he says. Learn everything. Interact with elders and experts. Think like a teacher - it will change your perspective of the subject. Try different techniques to develop learning skills - travel, discuss, notes etc.

As he concludes he says - prepare for the exam of life. Learn to face challenges alone. there is a bit about SMART Goals which is definitely not from Chanakya I would think. Overcome your desires, be disciplined etc are stuff the students hear anyway and don't pay much heed to.

Some nice pointers. But I would rather wait for Anjali to give her verdict on this book. 

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