Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thought for the Day - The Art of Gratitude and How it Unfolds

While doing a month-long gratitude program that Shobha has started, I had the following realisation. That if we look deep enough we have the entire universe to thank for its efforts to sustain us. In fact this is the closest I felt to the concept of being one because everything seemed interconnected completely.

If I look at the screen of he computer now I can see the people I am grateful to - the makers of the screen, the thought that went into it, the actual making, the ones who sold it, the ones who distributed it, the ones who helped me buy it (Sagar or Vasu), the ones who helped me finance it (Shobhs or some timely clients), the comfort it gives and helps me to write, to see what I wrote, and by extension I see the key board, the computer itself and I remember the people who keep it going (the repair men), the CPU, the storage which allows me to do some many things, movies, music, all other stuff I have and use, the table, the chair, the power company, the many people who work for the power company to supply me the same, the lights at home, the glasses of mine, doctors, opticians, money to buy all this, vision, health, those who sustain my health, doctors, life itself, parents who have gifted me this life, money in my pocket, home I live in, comfort I experience, support I have....the chair I sit in, the time I have, the choice I have, the leisure I have...its immense. More than anything, I found that its endless, this story, that nothing I experience comes by itself, and is sustained by so many people now and in the past. How can I even think I can survive this life by myself, that I am separate.

Nothing is separate. Every moment I am alive I am sustained by a million things, people. It's an endless ocean - and I wonder how ungrateful I have been by not recognising this. All I can say now is - thank you, thank you, thank you.  

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