Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ravelstein - Saul Bellow

It was Saul Bellow's last novel written when he was eighty five. It was also a fictionalised account of real life - Abe Ravelstein is based on Allan Bloom who taught with Bellow at the University of Chicago. The novel is about a narrator who meets his friend Ravelstein, a college Professor who asks him to write his memoir after his death.
Penguin, 253p
Ravelstein is an interesting character and is written about with great love and in ample detail. He has an interesting mind and he sees things differently. He has a live in partner Nikki. He is also aware that he is dying. It is quite contemporary because it was written in 2000. There are references to Michael Jackson and mobile phones and other modern day stuff. After his death the narrator sets about writing the memoir.

It is considered to be one of Saul Bellow's great works. For me, far removed from the world, it was not easy to read. But perhaps when I understand that world better, I might appreciate it more.

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