Thursday, September 14, 2017

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz - Movie Review

A hit man in UP who loves his Kishore Kumar (Nawazuddin) and kills for a mere 20k finds a fan of his who is also a rival - the young man is getting contract jobs as well at lower price. Both share a love hate, guru shishya relationship as they discuss pricing, ethics and girlfriends. Both are also being played by the local politicians who use them to bump people off.

Crux of the matter is Babu is in love - true love. Bankey (his chela) seems to have impressed his love though when he visits them. While killing off their targets, Bankey also shoots Babu saying he got a contract for his head also. Babu returns after seven years in coma and kills everyone off only to find that Bankey and his true love have set up a love nest. He kills them both and makes away with his son - who then shoots Babu in the end.

Different kind of a movie. Different kind of people. All of them die except the love child but going by his ways, he will not last too long too.

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