Monday, September 18, 2017

Anjali - Save a Tree

I do not know what inspired this but Anjali wrote this a while ago. About a tree. I guess I'll save it - the poem, if not the tree.

Save a tree, save a life!

Anjali Paruvu

Chop Chop, Bang, Bang,
Goes the woodcutter’s axe.
It is illegal though
He’ll have to pay extra tax!

Oh, dear sir,
What has the tree done to you?
What makes you murder it?
It gives oxygen and takes in Co2

The poor innocent tree,
Has only tried to help
But still he grabs his axe
And the tree silently yelps

Oh no! he’s going to do it!
Was this written in your fate?
Now we can’t do much
It’s already too late

Bang, goes the axe,
What have you done?
Now, you killed one

But soon there will be none

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