Thursday, September 7, 2017

Gauri Lankesh - Death of A Voice

If one has a clear, loud and unapologetic voice should it be silenced? Who cannot listen to that voice and why? Why should a voice be silenced?

More importantly, who supports this silencing of this voice by their silence?

In the case of Gauri Lankesh, and others before her, voices are being silenced. Because their voices were loud and fearless. And one such voice silenced, will automatically shut many more voices.

Or so they think.

See what we can do, say the nameless supporters. We can cut voices so easily. What can you do?

Not many will stand up then. Not many will have the courage that Gauri and her breed had. To stand up for what they believed in.

That said, stranger things have happened. Sometimes all one needs is something like this.

Sometimes, one mistake too many, could just end a dream. One silence too many may speak louder than a voice.

The errors of omission are more dangerous than the errors of commission - especially if one is in a position to act.

For more voices then, even a murmur, but a voice. Enough to be heard. Go on, murmur, but don't be quiet. It's better than the silence of the helpless.

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