Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Anjali - Teacher's Day

There is a deep wonder that takes over me when I see an act of thoughtfulness. So I was taken aback to see Anjali take a lot of trouble to make a card for her teacher on Teacher's Day.  I don't remember ever making anything like this in my school days nor even thinking of such things. I don't get such thoughts even now.

There is a lot of care and thought that goes into many things that she does. When we are sick she instinctively seems to know what to do, which is a hug and a quick 'I am there for you' or 'I love you'. A gentle touch, a deep caring that comes with it, makes us feel better already. Cards are made aplenty, including stuff like this - Just like that.

Birthdays are celebrated with great care and thought - secret cards, plans for cakes, little gifts and small surprises. The same for friends, for her cousins, teachers - I am so glad she has this side to her just as I am glad that she can categorically say No to those she does not wish to engage with.

Much of the credit to her shaping goes to her teachers and I am glad she  acknowledges it far more openly than we do. Good for you Anjali. 

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