Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The House at Pooh Corner - A. A. Milne

You could pick this up any day and lose yourself in the Pooh world with a smile on your face. The completely non-judgmental and simple Pooh, the little and perpetually scared Piglet, the bouncy and loud Tigger, The ever busy and important Rabbit, the learned and bungling Owl, the pessimistic and dull Eeyore, Kanga and Roo and of course Christopher Robin who holds their world together.
Dean, 210 p

Eeyore has a house built for him at Pooh Corner by Piglet and Pooh. Piglet meets the scary Heffalumps and survives, Tigger climbs a tree to show off and realises he cannot get down and needs help, Rabbit tries to unbounce Tigger and loses himself, Owl loses its tree and finds a new house (found by Eeyore but its actually Piglet's house and Piglet generously lets Owl live there and goes over to live with Pooh). They are such a loveable bunch of characters with such unpredictable turns of behavior. And funny.

It was written in 1928! This book is the second volume of the Pooh stories and this is when the irrepressible Tigger is introduced.

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