Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thought For the Day - Four Money Consciousness Stories

These are real stories. Try and make the connections about money and abundance or lack.

Story 1 - If You Cannot Hold Money In Your Pocket, It Will Go
So this person just executed the biggest order he had ever and received a payment of Rs. 50000. He decided to go on a holiday with his wife. His money consciousness as reflected in real life was this - he is always spending more money than he has and is normally making enough to pay off the existing bills. He also believes that he definitely has none to spare or save.

He and his wife spent Rs. 25000 on the vacation and were returning home by car. On the highway a truck is parked in the middle of the road. They stop behind it. The truck stars backing up. He honks. People shout. The truck keeps coming until it hits the car. Luckily it stops after hitting the car and does not drive over them. The bonnet is twisted out of shape.

The bill for repairs comes to Rs. 25000.

Story 2 - If You Will Not Use It, Someone Else Will
The family gets a nice advance after a long time. There is talk on buying a fridge since their fridge is really old. After much discussion they decide on a fridge worth Rs. 12000. After some more weighing of pros and cons they decide not to buy the fridge.

Two days later the person loses her credit card. Before she can complain to the bank someone has swiped the card.

The person had bought a new fridge for Rs. 12000.

Story 3 - When You Act Creatively and Trust, It Will Come
This person returns to India after a long stay abroad. He is a bit tight on money since he is setting up house. To cut costs he borrows his father's old Maruti 800. After a while he decides to break this lack consciousness and decides to buy a new car. He puts down a down payment and buys a new car for Rs. 7 lakh which is a big stretch then.

After a couple of weeks he visits the US. His old company reaches out to him and asks him if he had been paid for a certain period. He does not remember. They check and confirm that they have to pay some amount.

He gets a cheque for USD 13000 (which was the same amount he needed to pay off the loan in full - Rs. 7 lakh). He pays off the balance amount and owns the car.

Story 4 - When You Decide, It Will Come
This person has to pay his CA for services rendered. The CA is a friend of his and does not hurry him for payment. A few payments come but the person somehow pays everyone else but the CA. One day he gets a call from the CAs office - can you make our payment?

He is aware that the payment has already been delayed and makes up his mind to pay the CA out of whatever payment comes next. There is no hesitation in his mind though at the moment he has less than Rs. 500 in his account and he has to pay Rs. 11000.

The next day he gets a mail from the Income Tax department. There is an old IT Return which has not been calculated correctly. If some information is updated he will get an additional refund.

In a week's time he receives a payment of Rs. 13500. The first cheque goes to the CA.

All stories are real. It's uncanny - the matching amounts, even the connections - fridge, IT department etc. My take - if you cling on to money out of fear it will go. If you decide to create and move confidently, it will come. It's an energy thing - do not operate from fear. (Do not be reckless either, but be clear and confident, and most importantly be creative with the money).

Or simply, keep the flow going.


Anonymous said...

Minor detail, maybe the check was for $13,000, which would be 7 lakhs...Else, the exchange rate would need to be Rs 538 to $1 :) Not sure that ever happened, and hopefully never does.

Harimohan said...

Oops. Sorry Anon, that was USD 13000. Thanks for pointing that out. But the amount e received was exactly what was needed to fully pay off the loan amount. Will correct right away.