Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Anjali - I Am Not Good At Good Luck Games!

Anjali was talking about some game they played at school today.
Crayon art by PHM
We played the Magic Carpet,' she said. Seeing my expression she explained.'We pull all the tables together and make a big table and stand around and when the teacher rings the bell, whoever is not on the carpet is out (or something like that)"

I nodded.
'Suvan won,' she said. 'Though its not fair. He joined half way.'
There was a moment's pause and then she laughed.
'I was out very early,' she said. 'I always get out very early in these luck games.'

'What luck games?' I asked.
'You know where the bell goes off, like Musical Chairs.'

Hmm. Interesting. I used to believe that about myself too.

'I think there are three ways we can approach these games,' I said. 'One is to win at any cost which means pushing people and rushing and falling over etc. Another is to resign ourselves to lose thinking we are not lucky anyway and looking ahead to lose and putting in only a little effort. But I think there is a third way which I found recently.'

She listened intently.
'The third way is to play without getting attached to winning or losing. It is about playing and being open to all possibilities, whatever possibility happens is fine. So you enjoy the game, give your best and be open to whatever happens. There is a good chance you may win more like this and whatever happens you will enjoy the game.'

She nodded. Being open to all possibilities. Not being attached to one. Letting go. Enjoying the moment. Giving your best with no gaining idea.

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