Friday, March 23, 2018

Anjali - I Love Those Last few Extra Minutes of Sleep

One of my favorite questions in the morning to people - I don't know why I ask this - is "Did you sleep well?' Mostly they say yes and that's done.

I asked this question to Anjali as usual and she was already up and about so she was chatty.
'Yes, I slept well Nanna. But you know what I like best? It's the few extra minutes that I sleep after you wake me up that is the best. I really enjoy those extra minutes.'

I smiled. Yes, those few extra stolen moments. Is that what all happiness about - those extra stolen moments where you feel you broke away on your own?

She had more to say.

'Because its a short time, I get dreams,' she said. (She has some theory of how you get dreams only when you are not in deep sleep - she told me this many years ago in some interview of hers).

'Today I got the best dream of all. We were playing kho kho at school and no one could catch me. There were 70 people and none could catch me. I was so happy. In reality I get out really early in our school games.'

She was pretty pleased with the dream.

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