Monday, March 5, 2018

Thought for the Day - Flow!

I remember a friend of mine reminding me in a heated argument - 'So what do you know about flow?'
Fact is that I do not nor do I claim to know. It's something that seems so far away, a state that I might not even get a whiff of. But my friend had a problem with the fact that I could even think of these themes and act like I knew of them.

Until the other day when I was dealing with a question that bothered me. It bothered me enough to bring everything to a halt. That's when I realised that when I get bothered, flow seems to get affected. Or is it the other way around - when flow gets affected, I get bothered.

I thought about it. (These days I try to use symbols to retain the thought) Then I thought that if I could find a visual representation of flow, it could help regain my composure quicker. So I visualised energy flowing all around me in circle - vertical (better symbolism) and saw the flowing energy. It kind of seemed to unlock my stuck space in a way and I could move on easier.

Don;t know anything about flow still. Just that it seems to work for me, this idea. Of visualising flow. I think I made a dent.

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