Saturday, March 3, 2018

Thought for the Day - How To Make a Decision

When making a decision consider this - are you choosing in favour because you are afraid of losing something?

Then that's the wrong reason to choose that particular course of action. Choose not for fear of losing. It's what the best captains do.

Sun kissed

A story
This young cricketer approached me the other day. He called late at night.

'Sir I have exams for four days. My final exams. But my selection is almost through though the team has not been announced. If I do not go tomorrow they might drop me. The selectors have a bad impression of me already.'

I asked if he wanted to write the exams or play. He was very clear he wanted to write the exams.
'But if I tell them, they might drop me sir,' he said. 'What should I do?'

I told him to tell the selectors upfront that he has to write the exams, that he will be free after four days and that they should consider him for selections as this was his final exam. The worst was that they would drop him. But he would have done the right thing, what any responsible person would have done. Not the smart thing, by trying to manipulate them with some story.

The cricketer took my advise. A long shot perhaps. A couple of days later  he texted me.
'Sir, I got selected. Everything got sorted out. Thank you.'

That's a relief.

To decide in favour of the choice where there is no gain, where there is no fear of losing - friends, relations, money, jobs, possibilities - is the right decision.

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