Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Magic Moonlight Flower and other Enchanting Stories - Satyajit Ray

Four in all. 'Sujan Harbola, the Boy Who Spoke to Birds' being the story of a boy who spoke to birds and how he finally marries a princess. 'Gangaram's Lucky Stone' is a stone that changes Gangaram's life and he becomes very lucky and in the end he marries a princess. 'The Ogre and the Princess' is a story where Ratan is cursed to become an ogre and he uses his strength to overcome a monster and well- marries a princess. 'The Magic Moonlight Flower' is a story where the hero Kanai is battling against time and odds to save his father and in the process discovers a bigger cause and ends up saving everyone including his father. All stories with nice twists and turns, of ordinary boys who make their fortune with courage and intelligence and a little help from the world.

Most times they end up marrying princesses or in one story becoming a minister. Never stop dreaming.

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