Friday, March 2, 2018

8 Signs of Fake Nice People

Fake nice people. Everything is right but something is off.

In fact the moment someone says you're nice - there is something wrong with you. But even within that, there are fakes. This helps differentiate. (saw it somewhere and copied it - not mine!)

Genuinely Nice / Fake Nice

1. Respect everyone / Respect people with power

2. Don't try to make people like them / Try hard to make people like them

3. Are not attention seekers / Desperate for attention

4. Do not brag / Show off all the time

5. Express their opinions openly / Gossip a lot

6. Try to live up to their promises / Make commitments easily but do not keep them

7. Admire and praise others / Criticise others to make themselves feel good

8. Nice and helpful most of the time / Nice when they have a hidden agenda 

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