Sunday, March 4, 2018

Anjali - But They Are Doing Good So let's Not Complain

Anjali hears most of my views on traffic since I drop her to school everyday and I am ashamed to say that my views are not yet close to being ideal. I complain, get into verbal fights, car chases (one that I can remember), bump into and get bumped into (and always insist that I am right etc). I can sense the times when her face says - "Let it go, don't get drawn into. It's ok to make a mistake."

But obviously to me it's not.

So the other day when we were driving home and a bus swerved right into our line and cut us off, she reacted like I normally would.
'Whoa, he just cut into our lane,' she observed correctly. 'And these buses are so big, they should be more careful.'
I listened, with some amount of approval. Then she thought and said.

'Actually that's not correct. I think we should be more careful. They are so big and they have to drive more carefully. It is we who must be more considerate and let them go first.'

Made me think.

'Yes,' I said. 'They do have a tough time. No comfort of air conditioning. Hot climate. Unruly traffic. And they still do a great job all the time. You are right.'

That's one thing settled.

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