Tuesday, December 19, 2017

This Way Is Easier Dad - The Bangalore Launch

This was completely Keerti's show. I broached the topic to her and told her that I was contemplating a book event in Bangalore in December and could she think of a suitable guest. We looked around at some celebrity guests and decided against it (too stressful). Keerti came up with Prof. Malavika Kapur, eminent child psychologist and an author to boot. Also daughter of the famous Kannada novelist Shivrama Karanth for those interested. I asked Keerti to moderate - she knows me, my writing, has edited TWIED, knows writing and editing - what else. Sheetal helped by booking Sapna Book Store. All was set for the 16th of December, Sapna Book Store, Residency Road, Bangalore.
The all important pic
Anjali and Shobha were free and said they would come. Anjali wanted to travel by bus so we booked ourselves on a bus on the return journey. Jabbar Travels! We got adventurous and booked ourselves in the Rajdhani on the way to Bangalore. I started delving into my phone book to invite all those whom I knew. Some were around. Some were not. Some promised to come. Some did not reply. For a chance I invited many of my friends on Linkedin, a medium I hardly use thanks to its clunky ways.
The audience - an appreciative Gazala who was the MC in the foregorund
We actually got even more adventurous after we got off the Rajdhani in the 15ht.Vandana suggested we take the Metro from Majestic and we were suitably fired by the idea and took it. Its packed like crazy but it was worth it.
Ramesh, me and Diwakar sharing a light moment after the event
What would have been an hours journey was done in 20. We got off at Vivekananda Marg and took an auto to her house.
Making some point
A late breakfast and I attended a first - a ladies book club meeting I was invited to. I was the only guy there. Mansee of Lahe Lahe hosted the meeting and the lunch thereafter. I tried the desserts which were yummy.
Anjali reading 'Crime and Punishment' 
That evening we headed to Nisha's place. The next day went in the usual - chatting with Rajesh, reading books. Kaushik had invited me to the SWAB awards function but I could not go. In the evening Rajesh, Nisha, Akshar, Shobhs, Anjali and I headed to Sapna.
Pooja, me, Anjali, Rao and Mrs Rao
Prof Malavika Kapur was already there. Keerti joined us in a bit. Soumyashree, a keen blogger, came with a friend. PV's daughter Sriya came with her friends Chetana and Trisha came from Mount Carmel and interviewed me before the event started. Dev Prasad, author of three books came with his son Sanjay.
Dev Prasad and me with the book - writers do stick together
Rao, came with his wife and eleven year old Pooja. Indira came with Parvati and her mother.
Dev Prasad me and Preeti
Diya came with her father and younger brother and I think Sapna joined later. Prajwal Hegde of ToI came - very sweet. She left before I could meet her. Sunil came with his SLR and a cousin. Diwakar came.
Diwakar - So good to meet, Babu in the background
Priya Mhatre came - again so very sweet - despite Laya not being too well. Giri came with Rahel. Murli came with three IDBI colleagues - Abhishek was one. Vandana, Ramesh, Seshu, Ratna and Madhu aunty came. Babu and Puppy came.
Puppy saying something nice - as always
Unnathi came with her friend Preeti.
Naveen Arigapudi came - again very sweet indeed. Overall a crowd of almost 50. I missed a few surely. SR Mohan of Jaico was there and even bought a copy for himself - very sweet! No cricketers.
The discussion was wonderful Keerti came well prepared with her questions. Prof Malavika was a delight with her insights into children and their psychology. She spoke about the book 'Scientist in the Crib' and shared many relevant examples. I plan to buy some of her books.
Anjali read 'Crime and Punishment' and I almost cried at the injustice of it all.
Anjali reading 'Crime and Punishment'
Diya read about Michael Jackson and Black and White wonderfully. Vandana read a chapter and very well too.
Vandana reading
We signed a few copies, met all my old pals and hung about a bit.
Signing copies
It was by far the longest book event I had done at close to 90 minutes before we ended the discussion - the discussion was excellent and everyone liked it. I loved it.
Diya reading - lovely job!
Fabulous event. Thanks Jaico. Thanks Sapna. Thanks Keerti.. Thanks Prof Malavika Kapur. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting me. Completely humbled and thrilled.
On the way back we stopped at this heavenly joint called Mangalore Pearl and ate what goes down in my life as one of the top 5 meals - superb fish, sol kadi, cghee roast chicken, neer dosa and stuff. Ah heaven.

Some more pics of the event.

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