Thursday, December 7, 2017

Project Management, A Comedy of Errors - Prasanna Kumar

This book was given to me by Ranjan and it looked pretty interesting. A catchy title, funny illustrations and the slimness of the book were its main attractions. I remember starting it a year ago and then gave it up for some reason but this time I marched on till the end.

Prasanna Kumar writes well and he knows what he is writing about. The book takes a young software engineer Saminathan (Sam) from Y2K Technologies Bangalore on his maiden trip to the US with his boss Bobby Reddy (Bob). They have another boss Balaji (Bill). The conversations between the veteran Bob and the naive Sam as they thread their way to the US, meet customers and return with orders, gives a fine insight into the world of the IT. Bob mouths every single management quote that one has heard of and in that sense Prasanna has done a wonderful job in keeping it tight and full of good stuff. The only problem is that the tone is tongue in cheek, whereas the content is seriously good, so we wonder if we should approach it seriously or laugh it off. But I loved the amount of stuff Prasanna packed into it - its an intelligent book and I would suggest those who read it, do so seriously. Said in a mischievous manner, they still hold good.

Prasanna is a successful IT pro and appears to have ventured into consulting and coaching. I liked the book. It's tight, full of good content and well written.   

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