Sunday, December 3, 2017

Her - Movie Review

Fellow works for a company called '' or something like that which was something I loved. I would have applied for a job there having written many such for myself and for others. But then Theodore Twombly, man of a failed marriage, and a lonely life with video games etc finds an Operating System called Samantha.

Samantha understands him well - minus the pokes and sarcasm and bickerings - so he loves her and lays his heart bare for her. Samantha develops feelings some other weird wants and desires. Theodore agrees to meet her wants - he is a weak fellow who does not know what he wants anyway - so it all ends in a disaster. In a heartbreaking scene Theo finds that Samantha has been deeply involved with some 6000 people and intensely involved with some 600. Luckily he is part of the 600. One would think he would be happy to share her burden with so many more but he is unhappy and jealous. The OS goes away one fine day and Theo is left mending another heartbreak.

Moral of the story - a loser will remain a loser. Even an OS will leave him. Or rather he will make her leave. Needs therapy - and predictably he will fall for the therapist too - so best left to video games. However the movie received several nominations and stuff and is an engrossing watch.   

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