Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Anjali - Acts of Uncommon Kindness

I was reading a book or watching TV a couple of days ago when suddenly Anjali sits near my feet and says 'stretch your legs out Nanna.'
I smiled and did.
She sat down near my feet and held one and examined it. I am very conscious of my feet and became even more so. They are not the prettiest of feet going around.
Sunshine and love
'Nanna, you don't take care of your feet at all,; she said. 'Don't you apply any cream.'
I shook my head. I don't. Why would I apply cream to my feet? I am not used to taking care of myself and my body parts with any extra love. And I am certainly not used to others being interested in me.

'I will apply cream to your legs ok,' she said.
I liked that. She asked me and after I nodded she went and got the cream.

Then she sat on a cushion and carefully applied cream to my feet with utmost focus. It took all of ten minutes. After she was done with both feet, she looked at my calves.

'Look at them. They are all white. You don't put any cream Nanna. You don't take care of your legs.'
I looked on with a guilty look on my face.

'Ok stretch your leg,' she said.
The calves got the treatment too. And once done she got up and went off after pointing out how nice my legs were looking. They certainly felt much nicer and looked nicer.

But frankly I am not used to such acts of kindness and care from other people who take an interest in my good. I am just not used to even look at myself for my own good so I am really surprised when others do that. I was touched when Anjali did that and for a while stepped back and let her take over. Now she is 10 years I think she has so many other things on her mind but obviously not.

I am amazed at the things kids do so easily. I am sure adults do too - only it takes a lot more stuff than the simple way Anjali went about it. Ok, seems to be a problem here, let me sort it out the way I know it.

Could one be that way? I suppose so. Seems pretty simple. To give and to take, both are possible.

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