Sunday, December 31, 2017

Anjali - Mimicry Class

Sandhya aunty is Anjali's teacher and she has several innovative ways to engage children. For example, she used to give them lots of riddles early on and kept them on their toes. Recently she had a class when everyone was asked to mimic something.Anjali came home and mimicked a few including hers which was the Metro train announcer.

"Namaskar. Agla station baye taraf aayega. Sambhal ke utariye. Dhanyavad.'
Or something like that. She does a good job of it.

She imitated Harsh who mimicked Virat Kohli on the field and it was pretty funny.

But what makes me laugh every time I hear is the one that Suvan, Kartiikeya and team did. It was a train announcement in Telugu.
"Namskaram. Train no 12345 ippudu platform number 1 meedaki vastundi. Meerandaru rail pattila paine nilchondi. Train zup mani mee meeda vellipotindi. Mee souls haayiga heaven ki vellipothayi. Dhanyavadamu.'

Translated in English it goes like
"Namaste. Train no 12345 is shortly going to come on platform no 1. You are all requested to stand on the railway tracks. The train will come zup and run over you all. Your souls will proceed happily heaven ward. Thank you.'

I cannot stop laughing both at the content and the way she says it. I wish I could listen to the actual team. Sometime soon hopefully.

I envy them. They seem to be having a lot of fun!  

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