Sunday, December 3, 2017

Coco - Movie Review

I don't think I should call them reviews anymore because I plan to keep this super short. 3D animation. Mexican movie. Young fellow wants to be a musician in a family that abhors music - great grandfather left family and went off. Great grandmother forbids music and family becomes shoe makers.

But young Miguel has music in his genes. On the festival of their dead Dia de Muertos, the Riveras are getting ready to invite the dead by putting up their pictures in an ofrenda. Miguel wants to attend a competition. Grandma breaks his guitar. Miguel tries to get his great grandfathers guitar (by now he knows the old man is the most famous musician in Mexico). But he soon finds himself transported to a space between never never land and earth and after some ups and downs returns - music and healing and all.

I liked the music. Nice story with a nice twist. Coco is saved from going completely loco thanks to all this supernatural stuff.  Ghosts, skeletons and families. Some introduction to the Mexican culture. Watchable certainly.

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