Friday, July 7, 2017

Two Lovely Incidents

In a world where we hear a lot about people cheating others etc I heard two lovely stories in the past one month. The first when I went to meet a journalist friend of mine. He was sitting in a new Ertiga. 'Nice car,' I said.
He smiled.
'My brother gifted it to me,' he said.


His brother is moderately successful as a real estate man. But when have you heard of a story like that? In fact I know of many successful brothers who are constantly worried that the unsuccessful one might keep asking for money and consciously keep them away.

And then I met my good friend the other day. He is a very altruistic soul, always helps people beyond his means, always gives time and energy and gets little in return. He never complains though because many people have used his time and energy, resources and facilities and have gone ahead - never looking back.

So the other day I was thrilled to see that one of his successful friends had gifted him a Hero Maestro (like a Kinetic Honda) out of the blue. Now suddenly my friend is mobile - something which hindered his movement so much.

But the thought and the deed. Wow.

I know the other friend and messaged him how lovely his gesture was. These are stories I can happily share with Anjali and many of the younger kids I mentor. It will make for a more secure world surely knowing that we have the other person's back and he has ours.


Many times I noticed that people don't seem to value time and energy. It's only material stuff that is counted. So the guys who give time and energy (freely) are left to fend for themselves with lesser time and lesser energy which has gone towards propping the other person up. If one adds it all up at market rate - I am sure it would add up to much more than the bike like my friend said. "I won't be able to afford what he is worth,' he said. But that did not stop him from making a small difference to someone who helped, someone who mattered.

Such lovely, thoughtful gestures.

I remember one story I heard long ago of Shahrukh Khan also buying a nice car for an old friend from his struggling days. He saw him on the road in his old Maruti 800. He instantly got him a nice new car. Similarly with Virat Kohli who gifted his coach a brand new car on one of his birthdays. Or Raina offering to gift (or gifting) a house to his coach. Many more such lovely stories - but when it comes from those who are struggling themselves but still have a big heart, it is so beautiful. Like Deepak Chopra said somewhere - give and you will get, but make sure to give that which is valuable to you, and give without a sense of expectation.

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