Thursday, July 6, 2017

This Way Is Easier Dad - VVS Laxman

As a practice I always give a copy of any new book of mine to all my guests of the past. As part of the exercise I reached out to VVS Laxman who is an avid reader, someone with a lot of good ideas and good intent, to give him a copy of the book. He was away in London and told me we could meet after he came back and so I met him yesterday.

We discussed as we normally do, many things. He spoke with great passion about his cricket academies in the city, about his Foundation and the educational initiatives he is taking up. We discussed coaches and mentors, how children can be guided better and I offered him all the help I could if he needed me.

After an animated and delightful discussion, I gifted him a copy of 'This Way is Easier Dad'. He is one of the rare cricketers who reads, and I know he is a doting father to his two children Sarvajit and Achinthya. He was very sweet about it and instantly said he will take a picture and tweet about the book. I was not really expecting him to, and the thought did not cross my mind. But he took the picture and tweeted about it this morning. By the time I saw it after a couple of hours, it was travelling far and wide. Delightful.

Well the successful are not successful for nothing. They are always gracious and think of giving something more. Thanks Laxman. It's always a pleasure talking to you and like I said, I am always available for helping out in any way you may need me. 

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