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Anjali - An Interview with a 9 and a Half Year Old (Slightly Delayed)

It has been pending for a while now. It has also been the first interview with Anjali after 'This Way Is Easier D was launched. So it was but natural that I began with questions about the book, the launch and the after effects.

Me: How do you feel about the launch of This Way Is Easier Dad (TWIED)?
Anjali: Ok

Me: What did you like about the experience?
Anjali: I liked the part that lots of people could match (their thoughts) with it. Even the children liked it, not only teenagers or adults. Even 9 year olds liked it.

Me: Did your friends like it?
A: Yeah. But didn't say anything. They are like that. Keep their feelings to themselves.

Me: How did you like it?
A: I liked it. I can't write a review though.

Me: What are the good parts? The bad parts?
A: Cover. Illustrations. Idea. Good parts. (Nothing about the writing!) I did not like a few illustrations. Didn't like the fact that 'Easier' was kept in italics in the title.

(At this point she asked me if I was only going to ask her about TWIED so I switched topics)

Me: What do you think about people in general?
A: Some people can be not so nice. But I guess everyone has something good in them. I like people. Better than being alone.

Me: What do you think of adults?
A: Bigger people. Taller people. Like to be in charge of everything (obviously does not approve of this bit, so i will steer off this part.)

Me: What's fun to you these days?
A: Playing. PT Class. Aerobics.

Me: What do you think of the education system?
A: (Warming up to this) I think it should be made simpler. Shouldn't just read out from the book. First you explain the hard words. Then ask for doubts. Show videos. Experiments. Something that we can say I did it and it was fun.

Me: What do you think the government should be doing?
A: Garbage. They should give dust bins. There should be a phone number to call for dirt also. If it's a big problem. Else solve it on your own. If you solve it on your own you get a badge. A green badge or something. Make it competitive. Then everyone wants to get involved. Everyone wants to do it. That's what makes them do it. A prize.

Me: What do you think of the world? Is it good or bad?
A: Again, the world may not be good but there is something good in everything. I like that proverb. Everyday may not be good but there is something good in everyday. Good and bad. Bad because there are some people whose ideas may harm and may not be good for the earth. Some people have ideas that come in handy. Some people have no ideas.

Me: How should adults be with children?
A; More interactive. Play with them. Be like a friend. Someone who is ready to do whatever. They will do, but only the good things. Games. Dance etc.

Me: Who do you think is the best adult you have seen or met with children?
A: Sarita aunty. She is in our school. She makes everything more interactive. Satish mama. He is just nice.

Me: What are the main concerns of our world?
A: Dirt. Garbage. And happiness.

Me: Why?
A: No one is happy. People are happy. But there are less people willing to make other people happy.

Me: How can we change that?
A: They should be made more fun. Competitive. Fun things. Things when everyone gets involved.

Me: What would you like to see changed in school?
A; Classrooms can be better. Not bigger. But more fun. Should be painted a different color. Everyday the benches can be put in a different way. Our school is a lot of fun. We have activities everyday. On Monday, Assembly and PT, Tuesday, Kung Fu and Yoga, Wednesday, Dramatics and Aerobics, Thursday, Kung Fu and Yoga, Friday, Assembly, PT and Aerobics. I like PT best.,

Me: How can children learn faster and better?
A: If they focus more. And if the person who is teaching is good. If its a good teacher you don't even day dream.

Me: Do you day dream?
A: Sometimes. Whatever I see, it gets connected with something and then...

Me: How does technology help you?
A: Yeah. I can call whenever I want. It makes everything easier. I can call Mansi. You can take feedback about TWIED. I love Khan Academy. I can learn SQL and Javascript.

Me: What was the funnest day this year?
A: The day we went to Sigiriya (Sri Lanka). Lots of fun.

Me: What was the saddest day>
A: Don't have sad days.

Me: How's it like watching your friends grow up?
A: We have to focus on studies more. Then when we were small it was all play. Now it's is this FA (Assessment) that FA. They don't want us to play only.

Me: What are the movies you watched and liked?
A: "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". "Raees". "Murder on the Orient Express". All killing killing.

Me: Books?
A: Tinkle. Nancy Drew. Let's play. (Yay)

Me: What are the new things you did this year?
A: Don't know. let me see. Started Kung fu again. Learned swimming. Went to Sri Lanka. Started writing with a pen.

Me: Any funny moment you remember?
A: Drew a family on my fingers and showed it to Mansi. Two fingers are Father and mother. The child is the little finger. He has to go to the toilet.

Me: Your favorite authors?
A: Roald Dahl. Carolyn Keene. Samit Basu. Enid Blyton.

Me: What books do you plan to read this year?
A: Other Samit Basu books. Hardy Boys. Want to finish St. Clare's. Ruskin Bond. Agatha Christie.

Me: Any movies you want to watch?
A: Boss Baby

Me: Other things you want to do?
A: Learn the guitar. Go to America. Learn horse riding. Have a dog.

Me: People you want to meet?
A: Inspirational people? Dhoni. PV Sindhu.
I would like to meet your father also. He came from nothing and became a big engineer.

Me: What do you like about your nanna and mamma?
A: Nanna - friendly. Makes friends easily.
Mamma - when you tell her something serious and improtant she listens patiently, sees their opinion, then she will talk.

Me: What do you think of Mamma and Nanna?
A: Really helpful. Give me so much.

Me: Things you don't like about them?
A: Mamma - does not let me eat my cheese pizza. Nanna - gets angry so quickly these days.

Me: What type of food are you enjoying these days?
A: Chicken. Curd rice. (Where is pizza?)

Me: What are the beautiful things you saw this year?
A: Sigiriya. The roads of Sri Lanka.

Me: What was the most interesting thing you heard about this year?
A: Hitch hiking. Asking people for a ride. When you told me that Abhinay did that I was so shocked. Could people do that? SQL was new. Enjoyed learning it.

Me: If there were 3 things to change in the world?
A: Anyone caught throwing garbage....
Actually there should be no more countries. Only one big world. Many states (Lennon would be happy!)
No killing. Even death penalties. No human deserves to die. However big a mistake he did no one deserves to be killed.
If you plant a tree we will give you 10 more seeds. Honor you. If you keep up the good work you'll get the job as a green officer.

Me:What would you do if you were the PM?
A: Plant one tree. Will give seeds for 10 trees, Then more. A job. If you throw rubbish or burn plastic there will be a fine.

Me: Your favorite TV shows?
A: Just for laughs. They are so funny. Simple tricks. Tarak Mehta. Kapil Sharma. Don't like Super Night with Tube light.

Me: If you had to ask for three boons what would you ask for?
A: I want to become small again. 5 years. I don't like being 9 and a half years. 5 was nice
Then the time I spent with everyone was more. Now I am playing les. Talking less.
(Then the despondent mood vanished)
I want to fly.
Want a robot that will do everything. Should become like me and go to school. And I'll sit at home. When PT class comes I will go to school and play. The robot will come home.

Me: What is your favorite music?
A: Cheap Thrills. Shape of you. Udi udi jaye.

Me: Your favorite actors, actresses?
A: Anuskha Sharma. Alia Bhatt. Sharukh Khan. Dharmendra! I liked him in Sholay and Chupke Chupke.

Me: Are you reviewing any books?
A: Adventures of Stoob. I have the review some where on a word document. I have to work on it.

Me: What do you think of religion?
A: Different people have different opinions. Pray to Lakshmi, you will be wealthy. Some kneel and pray. Church. Every one has  different ways of asking god for something. Eventually we are all respecting god and asking for something. We just have different ways.

Me: Do you think there are different gods or only one god?
A: Am not sure of there is god. But all are god. Only one. Like there are different types of plants. Different gods.

Me: What is the thing that irritates you the most?
A: When people talk in stupid English. Talk in Telugu if you know only Telugu

Me: What makes you angry?
A: When you threw the phone that day. It did not feel nice.

Me: What don't you like in people?
A: When people keep asking you questions. following you everywhere. Once I went in a circle to avoid one such person.

Me: When will you write down 100 things you want to do?
A: When I have free time.

Me: What is the most beautiful place for you?
A: My room. My bed.

Anjali interviewed me.
My interview

Anjali: Who is your favorite actress?
A: Alia, Kangana

Anjali: What was the best movie you saw recently?
A. Cactus flower

Anjali: Who is your favorite author?
A: PG Wodehouse

Anjali: What is your favorite animal?
A: Leopard

Anjali: What is your favorite domestic animal?
A: Dog

Anjali: Who is your favorite singer?
A: Pink Floyd, Seal, Beatles

Anjali: What are the new things you did this year?
A: Sri Lanka, Night out at Charminar during Ramzan

That ended the interview. It was long and was twice interrupted by some drama (including the phone incident). But both times I was the culprit, and I restarted the interview again. I liked the perspective on religion, on the world without countries and killing people. Thanks Anjali for your time and your feedback Will keep that in mind girl.

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