Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Fugitive - Movie Review

Enjoyed watching the 1993 Harrison Ford flick of a doctor on the run after being accused of his wife's murder. It's full of action and kept us fully entertained.

It's amazing how Harrison Ford brings this element of solidity and dignity to the screen. Something nice and polished and refined about him. Obviously he cannot be the murderer.

Some of the action sequences are superbly done. But the story is a bit thin. One doctor uncovering a pharma company's plans to introduce a new drug by falsifying research is about to be killed but his wife gets killed. Goody killers if they cannot kill a male doctor and instead kill his wife who does not look like him in the least. She looks and dresses like a woman.

But with Ford, we can forgive everything. Lots to forgive too in this movie including some corny dialogues.

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