Monday, July 10, 2017

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Movie Review

Finally saw this KJ movie. Fellow is rich (most heroes in KJ movies are - he is the private jet type). He has a dumb girl friend who is after his money (not so dumb after all huh). Rich boy meets intelligent bindaas girl who knows everything about everything and certainly does not want his money (boy, is she dumb!). Just friendship - or maybe she wants to make him a better kisser because she is unhappy with his kissing technique and she is one of those perfectionists. The two get along like 'chal yaar' types and discuss everything. Really friendly you see. They also double date with her boy friend and his girl friend and guess what - the other two hook up with each other in the loo. Now, what does that say about the kissing and loving techniques of these two huh? I would have too if I had boring boyfriends and girlfriends like these two. Now the bindaas babe (so far but not anymore) is heartbroken and so is this rich fellow - who we discover is the world's biggest cry baby. He sobs, bawls, falls on the floor - I suppose its cute.

Anyway the loo-based bf and gf are given the go by. The cry baby also reveals that he is an aspiring singer. He also reveals that he is in love with her. In my opinion he looks so retarded that he may never really know what love is and what like is and what lust. She is not - in love - simply because she is the friendly type yaar.

Just when things are getting interesting (for them, not for us) she finds her true love - an old bearded friend called Ali (who cost KJ a lot of money during the film's release). She leaves cry baby and private jet for Ali and marries him (now we know she is dumb for sure). Cry baby now needs another shoulder and finds a divorced lady who is busy writing poems in a huge house. She is getting a huge alimony it looks like because no one makes money writing poetry. They fall into an amazing relationship that looks ice cold but is apparently full of passion. Considering that this fellow cannot even kiss properly and the lady in question is happier spouting poetry its a different type of love surely. Cry baby gets to meet ice cold baby's husband who whacks the one line that changes the movie's trajectory  - that we can love people even if they don't love us. Cry baby instantly calls bindaas girl. He did not know that. I told you he had some learning problems didn't I?

Bindaas babe comes to visit the ice cold couple. Now she is not too bindaas. When she leaves, ice cold baby also boots cry baby out. Now cry baby has true pain because he cannot find another woman (this was the third woman in the last one hour who kicked him out). So he sings and becomes a great hit because he has both pain and love in his heart (which he manages to keep in good condition by hitting it with hard objects - no jokes - really). Superstar cry baby now meets bearded Ali who tells him bindaas girl left him long ago. Cry baby finds bindaas babe and she shows up minus hair - cancer and chemo you know. She also has a funny shaped head like an alien like someone hit her on the head or something. He also shaves his head and now we have two aliens. They do many cute things together but I forget now.

I swear I watched the movie till the end but I don't remember what happened. Did she die? Did he die? Did they have children? I really did not care. I only wish that Ali had fallen in love with ice cold baby's husband and that would have completed the circle. Cry baby-bindaas-Ali-Icecold-husband-Ali. No one loves the other and everyone loves someone else.

It's superb.

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