Monday, July 24, 2017

Thought for the Day - There Seems to Be a Natural Justice in the World

I was waiting at a popular counter in the super market this morning. People were jostling one another. There was no order and the man behind the counter was not maintaining any order. Whoever shouted out loudest was given the preference. As I stood at the counter, people pushed me aside and started shouting out their orders. Given a bit of disorder people push their luck. I decided to wait it out and see if there was a natural justice in this whole thing. I will not shout, I will not push. I will wait I decided.

Anjali came after 10 minutes and gave me the eye. 'I hope you placed your order,' she said. I nodded in a manner that conveyed nothing. I had not of course. The guys who had pushed past me were now shouting loudly. There was a man who joined the line behind me, but who somehow caught the guy's attention and was now half way to getting his order done. He decided to expand his order. Can I have drumsticks,' he asked. The overworked, polite salesman nodded and disappeared inside.

I looked around. There were at least three guys here who were shouting louder than each other and who were more aggressive in their intent. Another had materialised at the far end. That is four plus the other guy who had sneaked in ahead. Five people meant a good 30 minutes. Should I give up my resolve? Was I being stupid? It was already 20 minutes into this line. I could shout as loudly. I could push as hard.

The salesman reappeared with a whole lot of merchandise which he proceeded to place in their rightful places.

The pack of shouters congregated around him to shout their orders. I was left out at the far end. As I waited, a salesman joined the counter. A more experienced one, I could see. He caught my eye instantly. I told him what I wanted. And even as the other salesman was packing stuff in the counter, my order was done and I was on the way. They were all waiting in line, the guy whose order had started before me included. Brilliant.

There seems to be a natural justice in the world. If we trust it. If we allow it. 

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