Friday, July 7, 2017

Mental Conditioning Classes - Bring Out Your Best

Vidyuth asked me if I could do mental conditioning classes to some young cricketers on a one-on-one basis. I said I would. It's a lot like the Arts Management course that I teach at the University of Hyderabad so I made a quick package for anyone who would want to do 10 one-on-one sessions.

The package consists of the following one-on-one sessions

1) Evaluation - Questionnaire
Knowledge of self, strengths, process, goals

2) Establishing current scenario
Facts, figures, ground reality as on date

3) Introduction to the Learning Mindset
Application to real life scenarios

4) Goal setting exercise
Short, medium and long term goals
Process and performance goals

5) How to be an expert
Process awareness, number of hours, skill development, mentors, doing the tough things

6) Preparation process
Skill, Physical and Mental - Current parameters vs Desired parameters

7) Building Mental Toughness
Thought patterns, Importance of thought, Identifying mental states, Learning to control the same, through techniques such as self-talk, visualisation, awareness, handling stress etc

8) Plans, routines
Developing routines and schedules for the wards to follow regularly

9) Mentors and Coaches
Identifying mentors and coaches

10) Performance enhancement
How to perform best, creating conditions that bring out the best in the ward, how not to get influenced by adverse conditions

The ward would be given inputs in terms of exercises, worksheets, action plans to condition the mind to be process oriented and performance oriented. More details shortly.

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